Behold the Inevitable Beast

by Disillusion Effect

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liam joyce
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liam joyce This is a monster. True metal.
The Power of the Riff Compels Me! Favorite track: Behold the Inevitable Beast.
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Over a year in the making, what started out as a DIY album evolved into the beast it is today. Recorded at Ol' Dad Digital Studio and mixed and mastered by Jay Hannon @ 7over8recording. 9 tracks that will guarantee to assault your senses and leave you feeling very satisified. METAL ON!


released October 1, 2015

Guest guitar work on Reunion and Grail of Madness by: M.J. Gibbons
Guest solo work on the title track "Behold the Inevitable Beast" by: Brandon Fucello
All tracking done by: Jimmy Rhodes @oldaddigital
Mixed and mastered by: Jay Hannon @7over8recording
Drums programmed by: Jimmy Rhodes and Jay Hannon
Album art painted by Lewis Morris with contributions by Dan Smolira
Photography by Matt Rough



all rights reserved


Disillusion Effect Morgantown, West Virginia

mountain metal from WV


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Track Name: An Offering to Fire Mountain
Wake, wake, wake…honor the mountain.
Quaking the stratum with a roar from nadir.
Awake now serpents of the molten stone.
Accept pure offerings, be gracious and spare us.
Accept pure offerings, appeasing temptation.
Ascend the fire mountain.
Icons of fire bring fortune upon.
Shifters of massifs grant privilege upon.
Hurled into the bowels, a blaze in the mouth.
As the earth called for the innocent, few were chosen.
Garbed and lead to the summit.
Blinded by trust, into the fire.
All you love, will burn.
Forfeit your kin.
Hush and close your eyes.
Lead them to the edge.
Let our children die.
Offerings, you spared what you could have didn’t you.
Offerings, the bloodlines we betray.
It’s our flesh that became the…

You spared what you could have didn’t you.
The bloodlines we betray. It’s our flesh that became the offerings.
Track Name: Oni Kudaki
Dreams corrode into hallucinations.
Reluctance smothers hope.
Recoil to evade failure.
Sensing frailty, self-blasphemy.
Struggle to refrain from my intentions.
Otoko Musubi to withstand the tide.
Summon a fiend disregarding the signs.
Otoko Musubi to withstand the tide.
Welcome me to a corruptible mind.
Clawing to peel off your mask,
to show me my true face.
Seizing what’s mine from your grasp,
to remind me of my true fate.
Ascend with pride and evolve.
Now I covet your demise.
Look at what you’ve done to me.
Remember what’s dwelling in these eyes.
Your victim draws near spitting teeth yet intact.
I’ve worn this hate well tattered on my back
I’ve worn this hate all too well.
Oni kudaki art of demon crushing.
Silence the sermons.
Oni kudaki art of demon crushing.
I’ll take your fucking tongue with me.
Igniting in my soul,
I can only become, what I’ve fought to…what I have fought to own.
Wielding quintessence of steel,
to carve out the evil inside.
Tormented all through this task.
Entomb this fear from my past.
On this ground I will not yield,
to resurrect purpose this time.
Track Name: Grail of Madness
Waited all this time just to see it.
I’ll barter everything, to believe.
Enclosed, unknown, thrown, within I have to know.
Beckon from the inside.
Impose, hard-nosed, low, the end is where I’ll go.
Beckon from the inside.
Grail of madness where are you?
Heeding fruitless trees.
Descend into what drowns you,
a void begins to breed.
The destination of every step,
stalking this obsession is all that’s left
Unearth all that surrounds you,
mining sacred seeds.
Conjure a life well beyond yours,
pursuit is the deed.
Calloused hands tremble to touch you, oblivious to what a glimpse can do.
Sewn mouths salivate to taste you, convinced of what is held in the truth.
Marching towards what evades you,
reaping spoils unseen.
Unlock the means to attain you,
filling empty needs.
Until I find you…I’ll follow you.
Track Name: Conduit
What hides within the conduit? Speak to me.
Decoy of dearth’s deception, masquerade and
Show yourself scourge from within the grain, onto.
Parasites of mortal lives will drain, all from me.
Relent and come inside, a mind once yours now is mine.
For all time.
Where’s the voice behind my eyes?
Bound beneath, burying what’s left of me.
Where’s the voice behind my eyes?
On my knees, praying to ambiguity.
Infiltrate this shell and incinerate, my soul.
Articulate inventions meant to breathe deceit.
Who are you?
An eternity to ruminate intent. What will?
Decipher a gospel carved into me, inscribed by these hands.
What you came for, what you stole.
What will remain here can never grow.
Endowed a cursed conduit, forsake this living token.
Amputate corrupted, hardened veins before it’s too late.
Disembodied undertones in ear, breathless behind me.
Eternity to experience nothing, inflict forever.
Save me, my Lord will you?
Things aren’t what they were, you can’t be who you are.
What’s it seizing? All of you.
Sway defiling what was you.
Lifeless rising.
Track Name: Dawn of Our Unmaking
Escape to lay in wait. Encircled by our denial. We are what’s next.
Red waves buried this place. Submerge our faith deep below. Now it’s just us.
Cruelty guides desperate hands. Chaste shields fallen allowing annexation.
Orders final collapse under the watch of my own, dearest failure, our true savior.
What holds true inside you? A dark truth amends you.
Your prayers crippled to fly, descending towards indifference. Where are they now?
True pain impose your will. Possess all light, contagion. Blot out our sight, drink to our plight.
Entrenched to claim an opulence of memories. Dawn of our unmaking.
Grief has brought you everything from the vein.
Thirst will hound you, no escape from a fate we create.
Haunted splintered relics ricocheting.
Scourhollow terrain. What will remain in the end? Sterile Eden.
Vile feats repeat their deeds residually. Engraving themselves on you, bare your monster.
Leap towards salvation, placate the devastation.
Leap towards salvation, capricious restoration.
Track Name: Out for Blood
Victims often wonder how it came to be.
Wounded prey on others silencing trust with defeat.
Victims often wonder, what’s become of us?
Gather for revival, time to lay ruin to what they have wrought.
Noble, brave soul, martyr, in time we will truly know.
Victims often wonder, who will prevent them?
The idle remain hopeful, ignoring an idol that bleeds.
Victims often wonder, what can save us now?
Surely we’ll go together, rescued by the ship that leaks.
Deceived by the one.
You cannot cloak your core. We all know who you are.
You cannot cloak your core. We all know who you really are….
A fake, character of promise you lie.
Façade of gallantry. Example for all to see.
Brave soul, you cannot cloak your core.
At last we know what you have sold, to us all.
At last you know what will become, what’s left of you my dear friend treachery.
Choke on your lies.
Spit your fucking lies.
Track Name: Wrath Upon the Confluence
Now hear me, recall this day. Unfurled are the wings of wrath.
Under a guise of truce a dream became the noose.
Butchery. destiny, emerge vile conception.
And with these final breaths cold blood will spell the end.
Conjuring, chastening, blighted in your hope.
Egregious is the bond between the hearts of men here.
Now show them the price of decimation.
The fiend arrives. Daunting crimson born of our guile.
Visions impressioning, cradle your troth sing with your god.
Visions impressioning. rape old law.
Bellow a ghastly scream a pitch that rings in me.
Sensory, astasia, a confluece of bane.
Those eyes have seen me…
Omen conclude our bliss. Forbid a rich harvest. What veils the sun descends on us. Omen conclude our bliss.
Our damned land suffer the wrath at hand.
Unfurling wings of wrath from our nightmares.
Behold the fallen one from our nightmares.
Wrath upon us all.
Unfurled are the wings of wrath.
Track Name: ReUnIoN
Eat their hearts….Reunion
Impale what’s left to witness.
Celestial gift of forgiveness, not for the imperfect ones.
A peril we’ve always known.
Thieves annex our home, gather artillery my brothers.
The bread our fathers broke is soaked in blood.
Burn this while you have the chance.
A pact I thought we wrote will soak in blood. I’ll take you now that I have the chance.
Insatiable mouths of indulgence, astray in the depths of your pockets.
Sever hands that mean to demolish, purging the nemesis of solace. Not for the imperfect ones.
Endure and conquer
Archaic eyes of ravenous hunger, hold the line for we are stronger.
Archaic eyes of ravenous hunger, what hasn’t bled out grows much stronger.
Accept this certainty and join it eternally bound we breathe it.
Welcome Home
Track Name: Behold the Inevitable Beast
To what we’ve said goodbye, hoping it had been trapped inside.
How could it hold? In due time what was will come home.
What do the sullen seek? Atone and bleed for me.
Bring forth the dark, this night. Depriving petals of the light.
Seal our stained mouths, mercy befouled.
Enslave your love, one bite. Burning the boy you’ve left behind.
Kiss what we kill, taste what they feel.
Behold the inevitable beast you see a gift to believe.
Writhing, tarring, touch so calming. Please take me now.
Become the fear, kept near. Pull back that hair and lend your ear.
What we break is what we owe, dividends from sacred flesh and bone.
Gasping rebirth, one breath. Pound per pound, vying for our death.
Annihilation mobilization purify the fair and patient
The beast is all we know. Idols deny us, it’s sway defines us, severing what binds us, lead us to our doom.
You’ve been here all along, how could I have been so doubtful? How I’ve bared it alone.
You’ve been here all along, how could you just forget me? Come to my screams.
Fortified void, employed, oh what spoils we’ll enjoy.
What we break is what we owe, blood clears debts owed.
Dare to destroy me...the beast.